Who is Griffith Coleman?

Quality architecture is something that often gets taken for granted today. While some people not appreciate the true art and beauty that goes into designing any type of structure there are others that can look at a building and know just what went into the project and marvel at the details. It is not very often that you can come across an architect t that has been able to have a successfully sustained career for over thirty years and has worked to mentor hundreds of young architects so that they can be successful in the same arena. If you are looking for a person just like this, you can find one in Coleman Griffith. You may ask yourself just who is Griffith Coleman and what has he contributed to the world of architecture?

Learning about Coleman Griffith

Coleman Griffith has been a renowned architect in the Pasadena area for well over thirty years. Having received degrees from The Catholic University in Washington DC and from Ohio State University, he has established a long distinguished career as an architect. His past creations include work that was done at the Laboratory Facility for California State University in Pomona, the Homart Media City Center in Burbank (which included hotels, offices and parking structures) and a wide variety of residential and commercial projects over the years. While Mr. Griffith has done a great deal of his own work he also has many great achievements that have occurred in the academic arena.

Coleman Griffith Architect

Distinguished Academic Career

Mr. Griffith began his career as a teacher back in 1993 at Pasadena City College and spent over twenty years at the school as an instructor with their Architecture and Design department. He was involved in all facets of the department and taught many classes over the years, teaching young students the skills and approach needed to succeed in the field of architectural design and guiding them through various projects of their own. At various times he served as Department Coordinator and retired from the school in 2015 as the Department Head. Over the years he received several nominations for Teacher of the Year and in 2005 was named AIA/LA Educator of the Year.

Coleman Griffith has had a long and distinguished career as an architect and designer and continues to work, developing new ideas all of the time for residential and commercial use. His input and impact into the area of design in the Pasadena area has been immeasurable.