The Coleman Griffith Projects at Pasadena College

Developing ideas and designs in architecture is just one of the steps that students learn as they work on their journey to becoming architects and designers of their own. It is the skills that they learn while in college and the projects that they work on that can most influence them as they progress down the road in their own given careers. For this reason, having the right instructor as a driving force through instruction can really help to shape the course of a career. This is exactly what has happened through the teachings of Coleman Griffith. The work that occurred with the Coleman Griffith projects at Pasadena College has not only helped to shape Mr. Griffith’s own current career but the paths of many of his students as well.

Pasadena College

Working at Pasadena College

Mr. Griffith was a longtime educator at Pasadena College, beginning his career there as an instructor back in 1993. AS he progressed through the years at the school he established himself as one of the top architectural and design instructors in the region, helping thousands of students over the years learn the intricacies involved in architecture and how to make the most of their skill set. By the time he retired from the school in 2015, he had become Department Head of the Architecture Department and had earned the trust and respect of students and faculty alike for all of his efforts through the years.

The Projects Worked On

All the while when working at the college Mr. Griffith was also working on his own personal projects, including a number of residential and commercial designs that he became involved in. He also found his passion for working on parking designs and was able to integrate this into his classroom work. He helped students understand the design work needed for parking structures and his students worked on projects that involved the design of a twenty-seven story building of mixed use that also incorporated the use of automated parking facilities.

The various projects that Coleman Griffith worked on during his time at Pasadena College have helped to further his own career as a designer and architect and the careers of the many students that worked with him in the classrooms over the years. All of this has helped to lead Mr. Griffith into design work today on cutting edge designs that make use of the latest technologies used in automated parking structures.