Coleman Griffith Architecture

Former Professor of Architecture Coleman Griffith

There are few educators around the country that can be seen as having a long-lasting impact in their field or in the community that they work in. Many teachers come and go from place to place but few manage to stay in one area for a long enough time so that they can see the influence they have had on students and the development they see in their future careers. There are always exceptions to this however, and the career of Coleman Griffith falls into this category. Former Professor of Architecture Coleman Griffith has had a big impact on the Pasadena area and has helped forge the careers of countless architects and designers working today.

The Career of Coleman Griffith

Coleman Griffith has had a distinguished career of his own in the area of architecture outside of his teaching accomplishments. After earning a Bachelor’s degree at The Catholic University in Washington DC and a Master’s degree from Ohio State University, Mr. Griffith worked at several top architecture firms around the country before settling in the California area. He helped in the design of several commercial and residential ventures in different areas of California, bringing his unique approach and diligence to each design he created. While Mr. Griffith has long held a passion for doing the work on his own and coming up with his own creations, it was not long before he turned his love of design to the area of education where he could help guide others in the same passions.

Coleman GriffithThe Love of Teaching

Coleman Griffith began his career in education as a studio instructor at Pasadena City College back in 1993 and never looked back. He became involved deeply in the department of Architecture and worked in all facets of development of the department, including scheduling, recruitment, staffing and counseling of students. Mr. Griffith had found his passion and would go on to teach at Pasadena College until his retirement in 2015, retiring as the Department Head and having mentored a long list of students that went on to join the field of architecture.

Few professors have had the impact in the Pasadena area that Coleman Griffith has been able to achieve. His drive and love of design has been passed on to his many students, many of which thank him for his insight and teachings that have them to develop into high quality designers of their own today.