Architecture Coleman Griffith

Being an Architecture Professor in College

There are all kinds of great professions out there that can provide you with a rich and rewarding career, but none ever seem quite like it is when you become an educator. Getting the chance to impart what you know and have learned to others so that it can enrich their lives can bring you

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Coleman Griffith Architect

Learning the History of Modern Architecture

There is a great deal of beauty and art that surrounds you no matter where you may live or work. The issue may be that you may not be aware that it is even there in front of you. While most people have no trouble at all seeing the beauty in things like a sunset

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How Automated Parking Systems Work

Future of Architecture and Robotized Self-Parking Buildings

Architecture is a constantly changing movement, and different influences affect how architects design their world. The modern era has seem a sudden change from the formal, glass-like structures of office blocks and tower buildings towards a cityscape with more flowing lines and an appearance which matches other buildings in the area. With greater understanding of

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History of Architecture in USA

The USA has an architectural history filled with a range of styles, from the Pre-Columbian styles to Colonial, Federal and Frontier styles, before heading into the Gilded Age of gothic design. Many amazing houses were built during each of these architectural periods, and modern hoses also reflect on those past styles by incorporating some elements

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