About Me Coleman Griffith

About Coleman Griffith – Former Architecture Professor at Pasadena City College

When you want a leading architect to ensure that your building design is best for your needs, then you should be looking at a professional with academic and practical experience in the field of city design. The company Colman Griffith is run by a former architecture professor at Pasadena City College, who also has a number of high-quality architectural designs to his name. The opportunity to make use of a college professor as a professional architect is one which many residents and businesses should not overlook.

The academic past of Coleman Griffith

Ohio State UniversityAs might be expected from an established professor, Coleman Griffith has a long history of experience in architecture. After obtaining his BS in Science, he then took a Masters degree in architecture at Ohio State University, and is certified as an architect by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, or NCARB. He worked at Pasadena City College until 2015, starting as the Architecture Development Coordinator, managing the educational plans for the Department of Architecture. He was head of the department from 2012 until his retirement in June 2015. This establishes him as a professional educator with many years of experience in the cutting-edge of architecture and design.

The professional Experience

Coleman Griffith has also worked on a number of practical architectural projects, including the design and planning of a hillside house in Mount Washington, which allowed the architect to remodel an existing 1950s building. He has also worked on a number of projects in the Long Beach area, including working in commercial development for Homart Media City Centre, which includes a hotel, integrated parking and a retail complex. The company also designed a 10 story office tower with integrated parking nearby. He currently works as the Director of Architecture for Park Plus California, a company dedicated to developing new architectural designs for parking. The company is at the cutting-edge of mechanical and automated vehicle parking designs. He started his first parking designs in Fall 2012, alongside his Pasadena City College class. With more than 30 years’ experience working in cities around Texas and the Southern California area, he has been able to complete a large number of design projects which have proven to be very successful. With more free-time to develop his own ideas for parking and architectural design, Coleman Griffith can concentrate upon high-end projects for his clients.