The contemporary modern interior and side and rear facades of the house provide a dynamic counter balance to the historical front of the house. The original house built by J. Lionel Judson in 1911, one of three brothers who were the founding owners of the Judson Studios in 1895.. The Judson Studios is located 4 properties north of my house on South Ave. 66. Judson Studios is renown for making the stained glass in the Gamble house in Pasadena and Frank Lloyd Wright’s houses in Los Angeles. http://www.judsonstudios.com/aboutjudsonstudi.html

Coleman Griffith

Coleman Griffith Architecture

The existing entry room, living room and leaded glass windows were the primary existing architectural references that I maintained in the final house. From the existing entry one walks up several steps through an opening in a thick wall into the living room. The existing vaulted ceiling living room quite large for a house of this period. It has a large fireplace built into a wall of cabinets and bookshelves that anchors the room. To the left is the large arched opening again in a thickened existing wall that opens into the modern addition.